Special Olympics in Lincoln


posted by: Laurann Robinson


Today kicked off the 3 day spring championship games for the statewide Special Olympics. 

Students at Lincoln Southwest High School held a pep rally for a team of very special girls. After a pep rally in their honor, this group of girls felt like champions.

“They go to all the pep rallies at school and they always sit down low and they cheer and they love the cheerleaders and they love the band, and they’re always dancing. So it was just special that they were the ones being recognized today,” said their teacher and coach, Lynn Strack.

But like most teams, it’s the support and comradery within the group that holds the strongest bond.

“We always have fun together and we’re best friends,” said Taylor Woods, one of the athletes on the team.

 Another coach and school P.E. teacher, Lis Brenden says, “Today in society, people lose track of the importance of athletics, and winning and losing. But these guys really don’t care. They just want to have fun.”

  In addition to the basketball games held tomorrow, bowling tournaments started today… Leaving standing room only at Sun Valley lanes.

Athletes and their families came from all over the state for this annual competition.

“It gives them an opportunity to show what they can do. Show their abilities rather than their disabilities,” said Rick Childree, Director of sports and competition with Special Olympics of Nebraska.

  And although many compete just for the fun of it, teammates Andrew Gorecki and Nicalas Hendrickson from Farewell show us winning is always a plus.

NIcalas says, “At first I was nervous, and then they said my name for first place, and I was really happy.”

“I got a medal… It means I’m the best,” said Andrew Gorecki, another athlete in competition. 

  Tomorrow’s basketball games will be held at Lincoln North Star and Lincoln Northeast high schools. And bowling will hold its second day of competition Sunday at Sun Valley Lanes as well as Parkway Lanes.