Special Olympics Opening Ceremony

Thousands gathered at the Devaney today for the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics

The opening ceremony for the special Olympics was an incredible experience for the more than three thousands athletes.

It took 8 months of preparations to put the ceremony together, and the show didn't disappoint. Tonia Patterson is one of the athletes, she has made an appearance at the national games before.

 “I actually attended the 06 national games and it's a lot better now than it was,” Patterson said.

It's the motivation of these 3,000 special Olympians that set them apart from all other athletes in the world a motivation to meet new friends and make new family that have hearts as big as their own. Linda Utzler is one of them.

“I always want to come the nationals. I'm going to have so much fun. And I want to win gold for my family, “Utzler said.

The 2010 Special Olympics national games opening ceremony was the most extraordinary of its kind. Several Grammy award winning artists graced the stage along with models, actors, celebrity sport stars and politicians.

But even more impressive? The support shown for the 47 represented teams in the parade of states. CEO of the games Tim Shriver says its A testament to the hard work of the Special Olympics staff and the athletes that make it all possible.

 “Athletes, nothing nothing nothing never without you, we are nothing without the energy, spirit, determination courage perseverance, strength and skill of the athletes of special olympics. You are the heroes, “Shriver said.

Heroes that want nothing more than to please the people who helped get them there sunday afternoon.

“I want them to be proud of me, i want them to be so proud of me,”Utzler said.