Special Session Needed For Safe Haven Law?

Senator Ernie Chambers is urging Govenor Dave Heineman to call a special session of the Nebraska Legislature to address the safe haven law.

Senator Chambers of Omaha says a special session is needed because the legislature needs to stop the damage to older children feeling abandoned. Senator Chambers says he is fully against the safe haven law, and since the law went in to effect, he knew the lack of an age limit would present a big problem, and some say he's right.

Since the safe haven law went in to effect in July, 17 children have been abandoned under it. Chambers says the Legislature's hasty decision on the safe haven law should be corrected because there is a major flaw Adolescent children are being abandoned.

But not all of the Senators feel the urgency like Chambers. Senator Amanda McGill of Lincoln says while she thinks the law needs to be fixed, she says there are many compelling reasons to wait to discuss it in January. 

Members of the Legislature say a special session would cost the state upwards of $80,000 dollars. In the past, Governor Heineman has said he wouldn't rule out a special session. But by law, if two thirds or more of the senators request a special session the Governor would be required to call one.