Speeding through school zones? Beware!

Lincoln police have just begun their school zone speed enforcement, and already they've issued plenty of tickets.

Police say in the first two days of the enforcement, which began Monday, they've issued more than 400 speeding tickets. That's nearly double the amount from the first two days of last year.

Traffic officers around town have seen and heard it all. And they say there's very little that can convince them there is ever a need to speed in a school zone.

“Now that school's back in session, they've got to get back into the rhythm of making sure they cross the street properly watch for the signs so it goes both ways.  But I think it's a necessary part of our job to make sure the kids get to school safe and to educate the drivers,” says Officer Todd Kocian. 

Traffic officers are out in full force stepping up the speed traps in school zones.  It's the city's annual way of educating and eliminating dangerous driving behavior.

The special enforcement goes until September 3rd, that's how long officers will have to make sure that statement holds true.

If you're caught speeding in a school zone during designated times, fines double.  Police say some people are paying more than 400 dollars after getting pulled over.