Spinelli Shocker

Statements from the Nebraska men’s basketball program regarding Associate Head Coach Scott Spinelli, who assumed a similar position with the Wichita State men’s basketball team Friday:

Head Coach Barry Collier:

“Scott has done a very good job in his three years with our program and we sincerely appreciate his efforts on and off court. His infectious enthusiasm has been real positive and while we will miss him and his family, we definitely have the momentum to continue building on our recent improvements.”

“Scott’s ultimate goal has always been to become a Division I head coach and given the situation at Wichita State , this is a positive move for him professionally. This will ultimately lead to him being able to realize his goals.”

Executive Associate Athletic Director Marc Boehm:

“Every organization faces competition for talented people. We would have loved to keep Scott within the Husker family and we discussed many options for him to remain with the program, but in the end he made a decision he felt was in his best interest personally and professionally.”

“Scott has been very loyal and we appreciate everything he has done for the program. However, with that being said, we will find another quality coach who can help us continue our recent success in recruiting and on the court.”