Spring game attracts more than 60,000 fans

By: Kayla Bremer

Once again Huskers fans showed up in huge numbers for the red–white scrimmage.

It shouldn't be surprising to anyone who lives in Nebraska that more than 60,000 fans filled the stadium.  Many of them saw things in Saturday's match up that have them excited for next season.

It felt like a Saturday in September in downtown Lincoln.  The sea of red flooded the streets as thousands of Husker fans tailgated and made their way to Memorial Stadium.

“It's always really impressive to see all the support that they give the team and it gives us an excuse to come out here and tailgate and get ready for the fall,” Chris Vasek of Lincoln said.

Even people who didn't go to the game came out to be a part of the atmosphere.

Tailgaters threw around footballs, grilled out and enjoyed the weather, many talking about the progress of the east stadium construction.

“Looking up at that new addition was absolutely amazing,” Jason Boesch of Columbus said.  “It's incredible how big it is.”

Jason and his son Jordan come to the spring game every April.  They say this year's scrimmage was a little different than year's past.  Coach Pelini had his players run drills during the game, which fans say was just as much fun to watch.

“To do the drills in front of all the fans I think was fantastic,” Boesch said.

Husker supporters say they were impressed with what they saw on the field.

“You know in general, I think the guys looked good,” Vasek said.

But there's always room for more improvement before next season starts.

“Everybody was having a good time today and keeping it pretty light–hearted and understanding it's the spring game and everybody's out here having fun, enjoying the day.”

Saturday's game was basically a teaser for fans across the state.  They'll have to wait nearly five more months to see the Huskers back on the field on August 31st.