St. E’s debuts new outpatient facility

A new treatment facility at St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center is offering a comfortable healing environment for outpatients.

Joyce Pleines is currently waiting on the transplant list.  She has nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and until she receives a new organ, she has to receive infusions every week.  Pleines has used the new outpatient facility at St. E's and says it offers a comfortable healing environment for those needing to get in and out quickly.  “You don't feel like your in a hospital setting and everybody goes out of their way to make sure you feel comfortable and take care of what your needs are.”

The area is designed with tranquil colors and lots of seating for family and friends.  Each room has a recliner, TV and DVD player.  Most areas over look the facility's garden.  St. E's staff says the goal was to make the area quick and easy for those patients who frequent the hospital for weekly tests and treatments.  Director of Cardiovascular, Patsy Glein, says, “This has been a real dream come true for us.  This enables our patients to be able to park right outside of our area, check into admissions and come right in.  Our patients have trouble walking and this is just perfect for them.”

Pleines says having a home away from home makes what she's going through a little more bearable.  “You need the home setting, you need the comfort because it's a very stressful time.  Being on a transplant list, there aren't enough donors out there and to make you feel more comfortable helps in any way shape or form.”