St. Michael’s students search for a leprechaun

Posted By: Nolan Crane

Some kindergarten students at St. Michael’s School used their detective skills and went on a scavengers hunt looking for a leprechaun. We were there every step of the way to show you what they found. Here’s Tuesday March 17ths “Excellence in Education” report.

These students received a shock of a life time when they showed up to school and saw evidence that a leprechaun had been in their room. In addition to footprints on their desk they also received letters with clues leading them to their gold. The scavenger hunt took students down to the library, over to the office and up the stairs to the school gym. Using skills their teachers taught them, these students were happy with what they found.

Eating the chocolate! what, chocolates yummy,” says Mia Schendt.

“He turned the milk green and he left us gold in little leprechaun hats,” says Oliver Funke.

“We had to act like detectives and really work together and come together as a whole class to put our ideas together and get from one place to another,” says Makayla Krenk.

This was the first annual scavenger hunt at St. Michael’s. Although they didn’t find the leprechauns, they say there is always next year.