Update: Police arrest stabbing suspect

Pete Hardy

By: Kali Nicole

Lincoln Police say the suspect in Monday afternoon's stabbing has been arrested.

Police Officer Katie Flood says 36-year-old Angelo Pedrosa was taken into custody late Tuesday morning.  Flood says he was located at the Days Inn Motel near 10th & Calvert Streets.  He was arrested for first degree assault and use of a weapon to commit a felony.  Flood says more charges could come from the County Attorney.

The stabbing happened Monday afternoon at a home near 9th and Park Streets, just north of Van Dorn.

Lincoln Police Chief Jim Peschong says 29-year-old Peter Hardy was found in the front yard.  Peschong says CPR was performed on Hardy, but he was later pronounced dead.  A second victim, 36-year-old Donnie Rodgers, remains in serious condition. 

Chief Peschong says Pedrosa showed up at the house and asked about woman.  He says no one there knew the woman, and an argument began ending in the stabbings.  

“We heard really loud voices, screaming and when we came out the lady, I think she was the mom, was telling us to call 911 for her. So we called the cops,” said neighbor, Viyan Mohamed. Neighbors say blood could already be seen from their homes, staining the front porch and there were several people involved.