Stabbing Suspect Appears In Court Friday

The man accused of stabbing a five year old child appeared in court Friday. 56 year old Roger Einspahr faces three felony counts. One each for kidnapping, assault, and use of a weapon to commit a felony.

On Wednesday, Lincoln Police responded to a report of an assault at a group home on North Coddington Avenue where according to court documents a 5 year old boy was abducted and stabbed.

The documents show that Roger Einspahr took the child by the hand and into his room. There, again according to court documents, he used a knife to cut the child and thought about even killing him. The victim was taken to Bryan LGH West, where he told medical personal that “Roger” did it.

The punishments include a possible life sentence for the kidnapping charge, a 5 year sentence for assault, and anywhere from 1 to 20 years for the weapons charge. The defendant did not respond when the judge asked if he understood the charges he faced. He only responded after the judge prompted him to answer yes or no. He eventually said yes. Roger Einspahr will next appear in court for a docket call on April 27th.