Stabbing Suspect In Court, Neighbors Meet

 The man accused of stabbing a five year old boy in Lincoln this week..appeared in court Friday. 56 year old Roger Einspahr faces cahrges of kidnapping and assault. He's accused of abducting the boy on Wednesday.. And stabbing him inside his group home on North Coddington Avenue… Court documents show that Einspahr took the child by the hand and into his room. They say he used a knife to cut the child and thought about even killing him. The victim was taken to the hospital, where he told doctors, “Roger” did it. Possible punishments include a life sentence for the kidnapping charge… Channel Eight attended a meeting Friday night put on by neighbors of the group home.. About fifty concerned neighbors showed up for the meeting. All of them horrified by what's taken place, and all of them wanting answers. Neighbors packed in, wanting to know just what went wrong…who was at fault…and what was being done about it. All answers they wanted from the company that runs the group home. The company Active Community Treatments issued a response saying, “This agency is conducting a rigourous investigation and our hearts go out to the people in our community who were affected by that incident.” Bryan Canter is with Active Community Treatments.. They manage the home where Einsphr was living, and where police say Einspahr stabbed a five year old victim. Neighbors and relatives say the boy, “had discovered at five years old that he can't trust everyone and always be safe.” And it's the safety of children that kept emotions high at Friday night's meeting. Court documents show that Einspar considered killing the child. And as for the family, they're dumbfounded as to how this happened.  Family members say, “How did this gentlemen walk up to a garage sale, buy a knife, and use it to saw at the side of this child?”  A question no one could answer…not the community leaders…and not even the group home's administrator.  ” I don't think he's answered anything, to be honest…to the future.”  There's no easy solution to this. There are state and federal laws that play a role in how group homes are operated…. The bottom line? A lot of people walked out of that meeting Friday night very frustrated, not knowing what the next step is.