Standing water + heat = mosquitoes

By: Jenn Hatcher

With all the rain recently, mosquitoes are having a heyday and it’s only going to get worse.

Entomologist Barb Ogg says, “We’re starting to see them and with the rain that we had just in the last few days we’re probably going to see a lot more in the next couple of weeks.”

Many will start to notice the pesky bugs and the mark they leave.

“We’re in the time of year where insects are outside and it you’re food of them, they’re going to be biting you,” says Ogg.

The larva develops faster in warmer temperatures and Ogg says folks should start wearing bug spray and long pants when necessary.

“If you know you’re going to be outside for a number of hours, maybe doing yard work or something like that, it would probably be a good idea to use 25-35% Deet,” explains Ogg.

Deet is an insect repellent, check to bottle before applying to small children.

Mosquitoes breed and lay eggs in just a tiny couple of tablespoons full of water.

To prevent breeding keep any pools of water in your yard to a minimum.

Ogg notes, “Anything that holds water for a period of time, if you would dump that a couple times a week, that would be good because that would prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the backyard.”

Mosquitoes are most active at night and early morning.