Star Wars Fan Prepares For Tonight’s Premiere

Posted by: Fahima Paghmani

One local store in the capitol city is preparing for a big day that answers many questions.

It’s the premiere of Rogue One, a Star Wars story, appearing in theaters all across the country tonight.

Although they won’t be in this movie. There will be a well known villain who will a guest appearance.

To many of us, we’ve grown to like classics.

However, some might take it to a next level, by spending a full paycheck on action figures.
Rex Jaycox, the manager at Toys From The Past says, "I walked into a store and I saw star wars again and that little kid in me took my work check and bought everything."

He says walking into the store and looking at the posters reminds him how close premiere is.

Rex says he has a lot of expectations of for this movie.

"The story the special effects that’s what’s going to get people completely in trolled of the movie, " says Rex.

Disney took over the star wars franchise they promise to show a new movie every year for the next few years, and fans keep wanting more.

"I think the expectations for this movie are going to be high.. It’s been hyped up for months and months."

Last year Star Wars, The Force Awakens brought more than 2 billion dollars.