StarTran Adding New Apps

StarTran are making their services a little more tech savvy with some new apps.

StarTran riders have access to a few more amenities these days.

They can now use Google Maps to determine their routes, a new Token Transit system to pay and can use their passes with smartphones.

"It will give you, actually, walking distance to where you would board the bus, how much the bus costs. Then it will tell you what bus number to take, if you need to transfer, it will  tell you what bus to transfer to," says Mike Davis of StarTran.

The first purchase after downloading the Token app, will be 50% off.

Davis says that after a dip in ridership following lower gas prices, numbers are finally leveling out.

So the company is trying to find new ways to reach customers.

"The biggest benefit is certainly expanding our rider base to new people, that may be less familiar with how the service works," added Davis.

Mayor Chris Beutler is also a supporter of the new innovations, saying it adds convenience to the transit service and it’s also been a welcome change for StarTran customer Christopher Mueller.

"I plan on doing it. I plan on telling my all my friends on the bus, to do the same thing because it’s easier than trying to find a place that takes credit cares," said Mueller.

The Token Transit app can be downloaded through the app store and the Trip Planner from StarTran’s website.

"What people don’t realize is bus service is actually close to their homes, and to be able to get on and put in locations. They’ll be able to identify, wow, I only have to go there to take the bus," says Davis.

Both apps are for download now.

For more information about them click here.