StarTran driver who saved toddler recognized

Jason Stege will be the first to tell you that his actions on November 3rd were just a natural response. But to the city of Lincoln, they were above and beyond the call of duty.

Stege helped save a two-year-old, who ran into traffic by honking his horn. He then comforted the driver of the vehicle that nearly hit the toddler.

Monday, Stege’s life-saving and comforting acts were recognized.

He received the annual Mayor’s Award of Excellence.

"It makes me feel good, it makes me feel like we’re not just here to give somebody a ride to here or there. But to actually look out for everybody," said Stege.

Stege’s boss, MIke Weston, nominated him. He says Jason didn’t bother to tell anyone about what happened that day. So, how did they find out you might guess?

"We found out through a Facebook post through a person, who actually witnessed the incident in the street," said Weston.

Friend and colleague, Colin Clark, says hearing about it, it’s just who Jason is.

"I’m not surprised at all. Jason is the kind of guy who just takes action. When there’s action to be taken. He acted on father instinct, and that runs pretty strong in him,"says Clark.

And while Jason is a humble guy, it’s hard not to enjoy a little recognition.

"I mean this is great…but it’s also neat when somebody saw your face in your story, and you’re filling up your gas tank…and they say something. Or you’re in line at the grocery store and they say something," Stege said.

Stege was the given the Mayor’s Medallion, a $250 gift card and two days off with pay.

Honorable mention was Police Officer Robert Hurley for his work in a homicide investigation.