State Auditor Report on Lancaster Manor

State Auditor Mike Foley and his staff conducted an audit on Lancaster Manor for nearly 3 months. Foley’s results shows several deficiencies and problem areas on part of the facility.

Foley and his team found several problems including improper accounting practices, excessive billing and nearly $70,000 dollars in over billings to medicaid for services that were actually suppose to be paid by medicare.

Barb Sibley has 3 family members currently at the Manor and has volunteered there since 2000. She said the report was shocking saying something needs to be done.

Sibley said, “I kind of expected something like this but not the severity. I still think it falls on the shoulders of the County Commissioners who could have corrected the problem after Ron Feder left and if they would have got the proper administrator in there and helped staff with the billings I think it could be saved.”

Other issues found were $444,000 paid from the manor’s resident trust account to the manor fund with no documentation showing what it was for. Also discovered was no documented support for over $1.2 million dollars in accounts receivables.

Foley said they also saw an increase in staff and temporary service hours in 2009 as the manors resident population was decreasing.

Foley said, “We were shocked of the conditions of the records and the business practices being performed at the agency.  We expected a higher level of efficiency and much better records.”

County commissoners recently voted to sell Lancaster Manor to an Illinois based management company.

State Auditor Foley said through their audit they found nothing criminal in nature but just poor management at the Manor.

Foley said they also looked into the Manor becoming a preferred provider saying Blue Cross and Blue Shield said the process would take about a month and were concerned the Manor hadn’t taken steps toward this.

To see the State Auditor’s report on Lancaster Manor, click on the link below.