State Fair Tries To Sparkle and Dazzle

More plans for the Fair's big move out to Grand Island in 2010 was discussed today.

State Fair Board members and interested parties met and talked about funding, the overall blue prints, and of course the petition that is circling around.

Some of the hot topics discussed included keeping Fonner Park a horse racing venue and not disrupting any exsisting events as the fair moves in.

“Been quite excited with the possibility of not only the existing buildings we can utililize but some things were putting together of course anything we consider has to work out very well not only for Fonner Park but also Grand Island for the times we don't have the fair.”

Allan also discussed some rough drawings of what the development will look like.

Also discussed was funding.

Around 42-million-dollars was approved by the legislature for the lay out of the fair.

But how is this process going?

Senator Phil Erdman says they're right on track and will be counting on extra venues to supply costs for maintaining the grounds throughout the years.

“The goal is to be able to provide facilities necessary for the State Fair and also be able to provide those same facilities for year round utilization which provides for additional revenue that deals with maintence and opportunity.”

And finally, the group talked about the State Fair petition that is circling around the state.

Organizers are hoping to get 60,000 signatures by July 16th which would put the decision on the ballot of where to move to fair up to the people.

But some in attendence today were doubtful it will pass but say it's the peoples right to express their opinion.

“I for one don't think the petition is going to be successful because it's simply a huge task they have in front of them and not very much time to get it accomplished.”