State Legislature Reconvenes

        The 105th legislature convened for the first time in 2018 Wednesday morning. Senators took pictures with their families on the floor and the state patrol led the presentation of colors.

        After the ceremonial precession it was back to business.

        The state is facing a $175 million dollar budget shortfall and there’s talk the voter ID issue will be brought back up.

        Speaker Jim Scheer said he felt more optimistic about this legislative session than previous ones.

        He wasn’t the only one feeling positive, senator Patty Pansing Brooks also felt like the session was starting off on the right foot, "I am very whole heartedly confident that things are going to go forward positively."  

        While she believes the session will be productive and laws will be passed, she knows it won’t come without debate.

        "We’re going to have some heated arguments at times but that’s to be expected, that’s what we are here to do is to represent our constituents and we have a varied body with that represent very diverse parts of our state," Pansing Brooks said.

        When asked if she had a priority bill, she said not yet, but there are a few key issues that are important to her, "I’m worried about education both K–12 and post–secondary, I’m worried about the people who take care of the most vulnerable in our state. Those are our main issues that i will really work to champion."

        While there’s a lot of work to do shorter sixty day session Pansing Brooks says she’s ready to get to work, "I’ve got some ideas that I’m bringing forward that I’m pretty pleased about."