State Of City Address

-Mayor Coleen Seng says the city is headed in the right direction, but a new gas tax could be looming on the horizon. Seng delivered her annual state of the city address this afternoon. It's a budget that looks good for now, but down the road, some people see problems. Jobs are up as well as the city's population, two signs that Mayor Seng says shows the city is headed in the right direction. At her annual state of the city address she pointed to efforts to expand the city both to the east and west, as well as revamping the 48th and “”O” area. Her vision for the city is this. A community that adds quality jobs, maintains our treasured quality of life and establishes a fair method to pay for the growth of our popular city as the population increases. Seng says to do that, the city needs to improve and build new roads and that could affect the price at the pump. Seng says she'll ask the city council to approve an occupation tax, that will tack on a few pennies to each gallon of gas sold in Lincoln. With prices already sky high, the idea isn't too popular.. For months, city departments have been making proposals on how to trim the city's budget for next year. That process helped to keep libraries from cutting hours and allowed neighborhood pools to stay open next summer. But in order to make ends meet, the city is now digging into reserves, something that is raising concerns.