State Of The City Address

What kind of shape is Lincoln in right now? The mayor gave his State Of The City Address Thursday.

In his speech Thursday, Mayor Chris Beutler touched on a lot of the recent success in Lincoln, along with the actions we need to take to keep the city competitive.

Keeping Lincoln safe was just one of the many ways Mayor Beutler says Lincoln is staying ahead of the curve.

Especially when compared to other cities.

“I feel really fortunate that we have been able to keep the strength that we have and not only to keep it, but to increase it too,” Chief Tom Casady said.

Now, there were losses too, including the 143 jobs cut during his adminstration and what the mayor says was the emense amount of business lost, to out of date entertainment venues.

“The key to any sustainable enhanced entertainment based plan for economic development is a modern arena equipped to compete,” Mayor Chris Beutler said.

According to the Chamber of Commerce an entertainment venue to replace Pershing Center, like the Haymarket arena the Mayor has in mind, is a can't miss opportunity in a growing economy.

“We can't afford not to do it.   We are losing events on a monthly basis that could be coming to our community and bringing in lots of dollars,” Chamber President Wendy Birdsall said.

Mayor Beutler said this investment in our future is important to maintain our progress.

Investing in our future is how we got where we are now.

“It is our turn.   The people who came before us certainly invested in the future and that's why we have been successful,” Nick Cusick with the Chamber of Commerce said.

But the theme of the speech as a whole was that in times of recession, many cities judge their own progress in comparison to others around them.

And so far, Lincoln is ahead of the curve.