State senators back illegal immigration legislation

Two Nebraska state senators say they support the Arizona law designed to crack down on illegal immigration and that we can expect a similar bill next year.

State Senator Charlie Janssen of Fremont says, “it comes to me every day.  It's what my constituents want to talk to me about and they elected me to act and not stand on the sidelines.”

Janssen and his fellow state senator Tony Fulton did signed court papers supporting Arizona's law on illegal immigration.  Janssen says it's their way to tell the Obama administration, 'if you're not going to do anything about illegal immigration, we as individual state governments will.'

Janssen says he and Fulton are fed up with the federal government.  “We believe we have the right as a locally-elected government body to act on our own and that's basically what we're going to send to the courts and send a message to the federal government.

Senator Janssen says you can expect an illegal immigration bill from him as soon as the legislature is back to session in January.  “We're hopeful that we can get together on some common ground and make sure that this thing gets out of committee so all 49 senators get a chance to weigh in on it and, in essence, give the state of Nebraska a chance to weigh in.”

Senator Janssen says the bill has yet to be drafted so it's difficult to comment on the specifics.

Before it can become law, the bill will first have to get out of judiciary committee,  make it through three rounds on the floor and then be signed by the governor.