State senators speak out against sexual assault

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton

Some state lawmakers are taking a stance against sexual assault.

A group announced a set of bills regarding the issue at the capitol Wednesday.

After the women’s marches around the nation and here in the capital city  this past weekend and the controversy around Papillion Senator Bill Kintner’s retweet, they said now was the perfect time to let the community know what they’re doing to prevent the crime and protect survivors.

"It’s not funny and it’s not OK. There needs to be a narrative that is opposite,” State Sen. Kate Bolz of Lincoln said.

There has been a series of laws introduced to address gaps in our justice system relating to sexual violence.

Here are a few:

Senator Sue Crawford of Bellevue wants to increase protections for 16 to 18 year olds who are sexually assaulted by a trusted adult like a teacher in LB 107.

Senator Kate Bolz hopes to extend protection orders for victims of  the crime with LB 178.

Senator Sara Howard of Omaha is working on providing a pathway for a parent to terminate parental rights for child conceived during a sexual assault with LB 188.

"We are definitely in need of these protections for survivors in our state and we value that they are bringing this forward, seeing these issues and willing to make a difference ,” Lynne Lange said.

She’s the executive director of the Nebraska Coalition to end Sexual and Domestic Violence said.

The next step for these bills is committee hearings.

 If approved there, they go to the floor for debate.

"There is no one answer. We must bring bills on multiple issues and address this issue on multiple front,” Bolz said.