Secretary of State sets up voter fraud hotline

Posted By:  KLKN Newsroom

If you witness election fraud, you can call to report it.

Saying that fraud has no place in a fair and honest election process, Secretary of State John Gale has announced the formation of an election fraud unit for the purpose of investigating possible complaints.

“We take this very seriously. Obviously, we depend on voters to notify us about any problems. But, it's our job to ensure that we preserve the integrity of the voting process for everyone,” Gale said.

People can call toll free (888) 727-0007 or (402) 471-2555 to report complaints.   

All complaints are handled in a confidential manner. If the election fraud unit determines that a complaint is credible, it is forwarded to the proper local, state or federal law enforcement agency for possible prosecution.

“We want people to know those numbers are out there and that my office is available to voters, if they believe there's an issue that needs to be addressed,” Gale added. “No one should feel their vote doesn't count or that it's somehow threatened.”