State Treasurer Under Investigation by NSP

The state's treasurer, Lorelee Byrd, is now under investigation. This comes after the State Auditor, Kate Witek, went to the Attorney General's office, requesting Lorelee Byrd's office be investigated.

Witek said Byrd had some financial information in her office that she was concerned about. Byrd is being accused of writing 300-thousand dollars in state checks and then voiding them after the legislative session ended. The Nebraska State Patrol did obtain a search warrant for Byrd's office.

Thursday, Byrd says she didn't do anything wrong. Byrd says the state was implementing a new accounting system in March, and was afraid it might crash., preventing her from sending out child support checks. That's why her office had a contingency plan, which she did not tell state senators or accountants about. Byrd says that plan consisted of writing nearly 300-thousand dollars in checks, which she later voided because the state's accounting system worked. Byrd says she didn't have an invoice for the payments because it was part of her contingency plan.

State Auditor Kate Witek says there is more than just the cancelled checks that's being investigated. She declined to comment on what those are.

The State Patrol would not comment on the case other than they are conducting an investigation.