State Treasurer Warns Of Unclaimed Property Scam



Lincoln, Neb. – Nebraska State Treasurer Shane Osborn has released the following statement regarding recent activity by predatory unclaimed property “finder” companies attempting to bilk Nebraska residents of a portion of their money.

“Recently, my office has received numerous reports from Nebraskans regarding letters they have received from unclaimed property “finder” companies like Keane, SMS Group, and Equisearch. These companies offer to recover unclaimed stock profits that belonged to the addressee or to their deceased family member provided they sign an agreement to pay 33% or 35% of the recovered property as a finder's fee.

“This is an outright scam.

“In reality, the property these companies are offering to recoup on behalf of the individual should have been, or will be shortly, reported to the State Treasurer's Office where it can be recovered free of charge. In Nebraska, individuals do not need ‘finders' to recover unclaimed property because their right to ownership never expires.

“One of my highest priorities as State Treasurer is returning unclaimed property money to the thousands of hard-working Nebraskans and businesses all across our state. This is an inherent duty of my office and we execute it free of charge.

“If any Nebraskan is contacted by one of these businesses I encourage them not to sign any sort of contract and to call my office immediately at 402.471.8497 or visit”