Stemper family honored with Magic Moment

Posted By: Rachel Hofstra

Braelyn was diagnosed with severe epilepsy when she was just one. For the last six years her mom Stacy has done everything to try and help her. And since Braelyn can no longer talk, she has even become her voice.

"I just really take it one day at a time and I know it is really hard on Braelyn’s body and it’s really hard on me to see her go through that," said Stacy Stemper.

Between Braelyn, her three–year–old son Asher, doctors appointments, therapy, and school Stacy stays extremely busy.

"It’s very exhausting I just have to do it for my kids. I have to do what I have to do to get through our day," said Stacy.

Her sister Chelsie thought the family could use a break and some extra cheer this holiday season.

"She’s very deserving of it as well as my sister. I mean they go through so much," said Chelsie Stemper.

Channel 8 partnered with Union Bank to bring this family a magic moment.

Braelyn and Asher got an inflatable jump castle that will be safe and fun for both of them. Asher also got puzzles and toys. Braelyn will stay warm in her new boots and coat. And mom can finally have the relaxing day she deserves with her new spa kit and gift cards.

This was a brief moment of fun before the family takes on another challenge. They found out last week that Braelyn will be undergoing brain surgery next month.

“It is the severing of the left and right hemisphere and will be in hopes to also decrease her seizures and hopefully stop them," said Stacy.

We wish the family luck and hope they have an amazing holiday.