Stores close for ‘Day Without Immigrants’

Posted By: Sarah Fili

Take a drive down South 13th Street, especially between ‘E’ and ‘F’ and you’ll usually see quite a few flashing open signs.

Mexican-American owned businesses inviting you in to enjoy authentic food or clothes.

Not Thursday.

Dozens of local businesses closed their doors- part of a nationwide “Day Without Immigrants” movement.

"This day everybody close their business, don’t go to school don’t go to work,” Roberto Rodriguez said.

 It’s in response to President Donald Trump’s immigration ban- and plans to build a wall.

"I mean I agree whatever trying to send out bad people but from what i saw its like we take everybody, innocent people you know,” Rodriguez said.

The silent protest, they hope, will raise awareness just how important immigrants are in America.

"Hope to get to the White House see what they think, you know, President Trump, one day with no Mexicans,” Rodriguez said.

Some businesses chose to stay open- saying they can’t afford to take a day off.

One patron at El Chaparro says he agrees- taking away commerce isn’t the way to go. He says there’s a lot of hype- over what he believes is nothing.

"I feel its not different than it was 20 years ago than it was 60 years ago than it was yesterday and what it’ll be tomorrow its the same thing, we need to come together; and its not about fighting someone or their policies it’s about coming together and coming together is not boycotting and making commerce go away,” Jason Downs said.

He suggested instead- a day of appreciation- not protest.

"How would they feel about a day to support where people supported these restaurants and came out and showed their support for the culture and the benefits that we get,” Downs said.

Those in Lincoln join thousands of protesters nationwide- from New York to California, and even Washington D.C.

Many hope this protest sends a message to President Trump that immigrants make up a large part of the united states- by leaving a hole in the economy where they usually contribute, including eating out at restaurants.