Stores see spike in business day after Christmas

Christmas may have been Monday, but that doesn’t mean the big shopping season is over.  Many people braved the cold weather to take advantage of some deals.

SouthPointe Pavilions said December 26th is such a busy day because many people wait until after Christmas to do their holiday shopping.

"We have several stores that semi–annual sales have begun," said Market Director Julie Lattimer.  "And so they’ve gone from being maybe 50 percent off to 75 percent off."

The Pinetas were one such family that was out for those major bargains.

"We think it’s cheaper," Donovan Pineta said.  "Because everybody bought the stuff and everything.  So, there are lower prices and everything."

Lattimer said the return lines aren’t as long as they were years ago.  She chalks that up to more people getting gift cards for Christmas.

"This is also the day when a lot of folks have received gift cards," Lattimer said.  "And so when they unwrapped a package, that actually was the launch of their shopping experience as opposed to the culmination of their shopping experience."

That doesn’t mean stores don’t still feel the hit from returned items.

Lattimer said so many people shop online; and when they return those items in person, that store ends up taking the loss for an item they didn’t sell.

"That is one of the biggest downsides of returns, is that a store might have a hole going into today because they’ve actually taken returns on items that were never purchased in their store in the first place," Lattimer said.

She said between all the returns and sales, SouthPointe experiences more traffic on December 26th than even Black Friday.