Storm Clean Up Continues

Many people are in the early stages of cleanup after Sunday night's storm.

The wind brought down many trees.

Last night's storm brought trecherous winds which in turn left Lincoln residents to clean up the mess.

But after a lot of hard work by residents, LES crews, Lincoln Parks and Rec, Lincoln is slowly getting back to normal.

It took less than an hour for Sunday nights storm to pass through Lincoln.

But its 60 mile an hour winds showed how powerful it really was, snaping the biggest trees at the roots, blocking many streets, and even throwing trees and signs on top of people's homes, businesses and cars.

Now that the damage is don, Lincoln residents are forced to clean up the mess it left behind.

Stephen Stein says he's cleaning up his mom's yard for LES crews to get to the powerlines after her oak tree fell on top of them, leaving much of the neighborhood without power.

After restoring power to over 6,000 homes caused by the storm, LES spokeman, Russ Reno says crews have been working around the clock to get things back to normal.

Many say the winds and the sights of the aftermath are something they'll never forget.

As we mentioned there are only a few people left without powe.

LES is just asking people to be patient they are working as fast as they can, if you're just coming back to town from the holiday weekend or see any other power lines down you can call 1-888-365-2412 to report downed power lines.