Storm Damage

Last night's storm caused trouble for several Nebraska towns.

While central Nebraska was the hardest hit.

Towns south of Lincoln recorded sustained winds as high as 70 mph.

Trees were broken in half and powerful rains caused serious problems for drivers on the roads.

The damage has some spending today cleaning up.

While most of southeast nebraska escaped last nights storm.

There were someplaces that saw almost 70 mph winds. Enough to topple trees and bring big light poles to the ground.

This tree normally stands high in the air, but after 70 mph winds tore through the town of Dorchester it snapped falling on the house below it.

And it wasn't the only one that cracked under the strong winds. 

Keith Denker had one of his trees fall on a power line.

Even the inside of his home was damaged. 

Crete couldn't escape the storm either. 

Crews spent most of the day cleaning up trees and replacing huge light poles after winds knocked them to the ground. 

James Henke is the manager  of Dairy Queen is left to fix the door to his freezer after it broke off when his store was hit by lighting causing damage inside.

Most people that had damaged were surprised there wasn't more.

Many told me the rain they had was the strongest they've seen in a longtime.