Storm damages home in Fillmore County

By: Cole Miller

It was an EF-1 tornado that hit near the small town of Shickley. And even though it wasn't the biggest twister, it still packed a punch. Cleanup is just getting started at this home south of Shickley, Nebraska.  Late Wednesday night an EF-1 tornado rolled through the area. Randy Williams owns the house. He says he was tracking the storm online, then lost power around 10 o clock. With hail and strong winds pounding outside, he decided it was time to take shelter.

“We just got into the storm cellar and there was a big pressure drop form the tornado, enough it was kind of painful on the ears and about 5 to 10 seconds after that, we started hearing louder noises outside, pieces hitting the house and actually sounded like some damage to the house,” Williams said.

Snapped trees, downed power lines, a brand new storage building ripped to pieces, broken windows and a beat-up roof, all scattered across Williams' land.

There are plenty of haunting reminders of just how powerful the storm was that rocked Williams' home and none may be bigger than this twisted and mangled grain bin that flew for more than a quarter mile.

It looks bad, and it is, but Williams' knows it could've been much worse.

“It's just stuff. We knew there was a lot of damage but thank the Lord that we came through it safe, both my wife and I are safe. The rest can be rebuilt, picked up and cleaned up,” Williams said.

Surrounding communities are all pitching in to do what they can. Williams' says it's the best part about living in a small town.

“I want to thank everybody for coming out and helping.  Also, volunteering if we needed a place to stay and equipment. So, thanks to everybody,” Williams said.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported from this storm.  Some nearby irrigation pivots were also damaged from the wind.