Storm Destroys Century Old Barn

A barn that stood for more than a century couldn't hold up to Wednesday night's storms. Gage County families are still picking up tree limbs and other debris from the hail and high winds. Included in that damage is a barn that dates back more than 100 years.

While there weren't any reports of tornadoes in Gage County, the storms still packed quite a punch taking pieces of history along with them. As far as this barn is concerned, Wednesday night was the storm of the century. Piles of boards and metal are all that remain of this longstanding building. Junior Thimm says he really didn't think it was that windy, he just noticed lots of rain and hail. Some metal from the barn ended up in a field across the street, as well as being stuck in trees.

In addition to the barn,Thimm's crops took a hit. But it is the barn that will be missed the most…a barn with a hayloft and a lifetime of memories. At this point, Junior Thimm isn't sure if he'll rebuild the barn…he says if he does, this next one will be a little bit smaller.