Storm disaster relief volunteers needed

By:  Ashley Harding

The local Salvation Army and the Red Cross are on their way to some of the cities affected by last weekend's storms.

The need for volunteers has been high lately.  Especially with the severe weather and the recent fires here in Lincoln.  Some say this is the best time to help out.  

It's been three days since tornado after tornado ripped through the Midwest leaving behind destruction and chaos.  And, the push to help is felt by many right here in Lincoln.

 “I'm very excited to get to meet the new people and the other chapters and to be available to help where I'm needed,” says American Red Cross volunteer Gina Troncone.

In a few hours, Troncone and fellow volunteer Todd Vesley will head to Wichita, Kansas.  It's one of the hardest cities hit by Saturday's tornadoes.  There they'll hand out food and supplies to those affected.

Across town at the Salvation Army another group prepares to lend a hand.  This time in Thurman, Iowa.. a town almost completely wiped out.

“You know, thinking about how that could've been us. You know, that could've been one of my family members that experienced that,” says Salvation Army Volunteer Maydee Griffy.

Of course extra volunteers are always welcome, but both organizations say the push is extra high during severe weather situations.  They also say if you do choose to volunteer, it's an experience you won't soon forget.

“It is very humbling to see how much people do care about each other at these times of disaster. And how they can unite people together,” says Salvation Army Captain Jamie Pennington.

There are many things you can do to help.  You can donate food and clothing, money, or you can sign up to volunteer.

Salvation Army in Lincoln:  402-474-6263
Cornhusker Chapter of the American Red Cross:  (402) 441-6387