Stormy Dean Announces His Education Plan

Democratic candidate for governor Stormy Dean unveiled his 4-point education plan Monday. His plan includes state aid to schools and teacher salaries. Stormy Dean says he entered the race for governor for one simple reason; public education in the state of Nebraska. Stormy Dean says he vows to be the “education” governor, and he announced how he is going to do it.

His 4-point education plan calls for a focus on early childhood education, higher teacher salaries, and revamping the state aid school formula. It also calls for the state to make funding education the main priority over other state programs. Dean believes first rate education is essential to both the economic future and security of Nebraskans.

Nebraska State Education Association President Duane Obiermier says he agrees with Stormy Dean's education plan. He says education is the key to helping existing businesses grow and create more jobs.

A spokesman for Governor Mike Johanns says Dean's plan is nothing but a carbon copy of the Governor's accomplishments during his years of office. He says while Dean supports public education, Governor Johanns has signed legislation making a record investment in public education. And both candidates support early education.

The NSEA will vote which candidate they will support this Saturday. Also, the candidates are up for another debate September 23rd.