The national transition to all-digital television has taken place.  Most viewers seemed to have made it through the transition without an major disruptions however, for some viewers, reception issues remain.  If you are still having difficulty getting a good signal from Channel 8 KLKN-TV, please read the following.

Prior to February 17th, every station in the country was assigned a temporary UHF digital channel.  Channel 8 was assigned channel 31.  Because VHF signals are traditionally stronger and travel further than UHF signals, Channel 8 KLKN-TV opted to return to the VHF spectrum as the permanent channel once the transition took place.   As we have transitioned back to VHF, some are experiencing reception issues.  It appears that VHF digital signals may be more succeptible to signal scatter and degradation, which is posing a problem for people relying solely on an indoor antenna.

If you are one of those viewers, it is important that the rabbit ears on your antenna - the VHF portion - be partially extended 12-18 inches.  You may have to reposition the arms of the antenna.  It would also be helpful if the antenna were near a window in the house, preferably one facing the Channel 8 KLKN-TV tower in Utica.  It is possible, however, that these solutions will not work and that an antenna upgrade may be necessary.

Channel 8 KLKN-TV has received permission from the FCC to begin broadcasting on Channel 31 in Lincoln in addition to Channel 8.  The low power channel 31 is broadcast from the tower at the Channel 8 Studio.  If you previously could not pick up Channel 8, then you may try to pick up channel 31 by rescanning.  The Channel 31 signal area is mostly the city limits of Lincoln. 

Re-scanning is also very important.  All stations in the Lincoln-Hastings-Kearney market have changed channel numbers from the digital channel they occupied before June 12th.  Omaha stations remained on their UHF channels.  Therefore, it is important to re-scan for channels at regular intervals to be sure that you are receiving all of the digital channels at their new locations. It may even be necessary to "restore factory settings" on your converter box to effectively erase its channel memory before rescanning.

The FCC is currently focused on consumer-based fixes for reception problems, including promoting what it is calling the “double-rescan.” That is having consumers clear out their boxes' memories before re-scanning, a process the commission says is having success, particularly in Chicago. 
Kaplan says that some consumers are having problems with stations which went from a high UHF to a VHF channel.  "There are some converter boxes that, if you just do a normal re-scan, they won't be able to replace the old digital channel with the new one. So, you actually just have to clear the box out."
He says that the double re-scan has worked "very well", saying the call center has been able to resolve "about 90% of the calls that way,” says Kaplan. 

To double re-scan, says Kaplan, viewers need to unplug the antenna, then scan so it picks up nothing, then unplug the converter or DTV set, plug it back in, then rescan. 

Antennas: As mentioned above, Channel 8 KLKN-TV moved from UHF-Channel 31 to VHF-Channel 8. That may cause reception issues if you rely on an indoor antenna or if you have a UHF-only outdoor antenna. If you need guidance on antenna-related issues, we encourage you  to visit or call Zager Antenna Solutions at 402-464-6995.

If you have other general questions about the conversion, converter boxes, or the re-scanning process, you can still reach the FCC hotline at:


Or you can reach us at Channel 8 KLKN-TV:

Channel 8 KLKN_TV

If you need face-to-face help, you may visit Schaefer's TV and Appliance in Lincoln, Ernie's in Ceresco or Zager Antenna Solutions in Lincoln. 

Below you will also find phone numbers and websites where you can find additional resources:


1-888-CALL FCC

Government Coupon Program
1-888-DTV 2009

Converter Box Tech Support
Best Buy, Insignia NS-DXA1-APJ - 1-877-467-4289
Best Buy, APEX DT-250 - 1-866-427-3946
Circuit City/KMart/Radio Shack, Zenith DTT901 - 1-877-993-6484
Radio Shack, Digital STream DTX9950 - 1-866-706-4367
Sears, DTV Pal - 1-888-667-0633
Sears, Magnavox E175216 - 1-800-605-8610
Target, GE Smart Digital Converter Box - 1-800-654-8483
Target, Sansonic FT-300A - 1-626-433-1333
Walmart, Magnavox TB100MW9 - 1-800-605-8610