ENT Specialties offers a wide range of digital hearing aids and hearing aid services.  Digital hearing aids offer the flexibility to program each aid individually to your hearing loss and have superior noise reduction and feedback management capabilities when compared to analog or analog-programmable hearing aid technologies.  The digital hearing aids at ENT Specialties are available in multiple price points and styles, which gives our patients the freedom to choose the features and cosmetic appearance that is right for them.  All of our hearing aids are fit on a 90-day trial basis to give you the opportunity to test the hearing aids in your own listening environments before the sale is final.  In addition, our hearing aids include repair and loss and damage warranties for when the unexpected occurs.  We encourage you to make an appointment at ENT Specialties with any of our audiologists for a free hearing aid consultation. Our audiologists are trained in the latest hearing aid fitting and programming techniques and are always happy to offer you their professional advice regarding minimizing your hearing loss.