By: Megan Palera

Sofie Tate was born with one leg, but the Columbus teenager is proving she can do it all.

"I've just gotten used to the fact that I do things differently than them," Sofie said.

Sofie was born with one leg in Bulgaria. Her Columbus family brought her home from an orphanage when she was a year old. In Kindergarten, Sofie began dancing. And last year, she joined her high school swim team, never once letting her handicap hold her back.

"I see people who have it worse than me and I'm just thankful that I can do what I can do," Sofie said.

Her splash is just as powerful as her peers, but her heart and determination are what set her apart.

"Nothing slows her down... Everyday is positive. It's very rare that she's ever down or negative and she just makes our life happy and I think everybody else's life pretty happy too," Sofie's mom, Jill Tate said.

The 15-year-old uses a prosthetic leg at school and when she dances, but in the water it's all Sofie. Her strength continues to amaze her coach and teammates. When times do get tough, Sofie says she gets through it by working even harder - a message she hopes will inspire others.

"Just to push through it and don't let their limitations stop them from doing anything they want," Sofie said.