One young boy who spent almost a week in the hospital wants to make that experience better for other kids who are sick.

He's only six years old and he's started a trend that has reached as far as New York, collecting art supplies to make other kids time in the hospital a little more fun.

"Some people say I have a big heart," he said.

And it's true.  Cameron Steinblock has a very big heart.

In the middle of January, Cameron spent a total of six days in the hospital with a serious virus.

"As he got to feel better, all they had were puzzles and movies and things which are great but he's a pretty active kid and he wanted to get up and do more," his mom said.

What he really wanted was stuff to do arts and crafts.  But that was in short supply.

So when he got home, he went to his mom, Jessi, with an idea.

"He asked me for a bucket and a piece of paper, he wanted to go around and ask people for money and I asked him what for and he told me that he wanted to collect money to buy art stuff and donate back to the hospital," Jessi said.

"They might be bored if they don't have that much stuff....I'm asking other people so they can give it to me or some money so I can buy it then we're going to bring it to the hospital," Cameron said.

While the bucket was a great way to start, Cameron's mom took it one step further and asked friends and family to send donations of any kind.

They originally had a goal of about 100 dollars worth of art supplies.  So far, they've received more than 350 dollars in donations, along with tubs of crafts.

For Jessi, she says she's overwhelmed by the support and she couldn't be more proud of her son.

"It's neat to know that what we try to teach him and the values we try to instill with him are working and he's getting it," she said.

If you want to help with Cameron's cause.  They have a facebook page and Jessi will work with you to pick up any donations.

They'll be accepting stuff until the end of March, when they'll take everything to the hospital.  They will take anything, new and used, except for paint and beads.