By: Kayla Bremer

In a couple of days, Doane College will host it's relay for life event.  Known as one of the top in the country, it's led by a student who knows cancer all too well.

Junior Tyler Pooschke is just like every other student on Doane's campus.  Joking about how stressful this week is going to be with the final preparations of the schools big Relay for Life event.

But just a short time ago, cancer wasn't something he was helping to raise money for, he was fighting against it for his life.

"You feel awful," Pooschke said.  "You're puking, you're nauseous all the time and you don't want to do anything and you're losing weight still and you're not supposed to be losing weight."

In 2009, Tyler knew something wasn't right when his track injury wouldn't heal.  A couple months later he was unable to walk and barely able to breath when he finally went to the hospital.  After blood tests and body scans, doctors diagnosed him with stage 4 Non–Hodgkin's Lymphoma at age 17.

"Cancer was actually a relief because cancer is curable," Pooschke said. 

After more than eight months of surgeries and treatment, Tyler was cancer free.

"Patience...cause that's what the entire cancer treatment is.  It's wait and see, wait and see, wait and see...and patience and faith."

Today, he's the Executive Chair for the Survivor Committee and Co–Chair of Doane's Relay for Life.

The school is one of the top ranking in the nation in fundraising for the event, awarded first place in the last four of five years.

This year's goal is to raise $75,000.

Tyler says they may come up a little short, but should still get the nation's top ranking in money raised per–capita among college students.

"Everyone knows someone who's affected by cancer and since Doane makes it a point to push relay and that's our major fundraiser event, we don't have dance marathon, we don't have anything else, it's relay."

Doane's Relay for Life event is this coming Friday on the campus.  It starts at 6 o'clock and is open to the public.

If you would like to help them reach their goal of $75,000, you can donate on their website or at the event.