By: Brittany Paris

Hundreds of water bottles, chips, juice boxes and bug spray were all packed up into one car, ready to be sent to Oklahoma. It was donated by the Pyrtle Elementary School 5th graders.

The supplies were purchased by the students' parents and were supposed to be for the 5th grade trip to Camp Kitaki. They couldn't go because of wintry weather at the beginning of the month.

The students said their grade voted unanimously to give their treats away to help others.

"We had the exact same things they were asking for," Emma, Pyrtle 5th grader, said.

"We just went through the list and it was boom, boom, boom," Chandler, Pyrtle 5th grader, added.

School officials said they're sending a couple hundred dollars worth of supplies to Oklahoma tornado victims.

"We're so proud of them and we knew that's probably how they would react," Kath Duns, teacher, said. "But to see their enthusiasm and their willingness to give whatever they had."

Duns said the teachers talked to the students and wanted them to have input. She said they were thrilled at the opportunity to help others.

"It feels good because you're helping other people and it's not just for yourself," Emma said.

"I feel really good about myself," Luke, 5th grader, said.

The school's principal packed everything into her car and will drop it all off at the district office where they'll then be taken to Oklahoma.