By: Bill Schammert

Lincoln is proposing a two-way protected bikeway on N Street from 7th to 23rd streets.

The bikeway would result in less parking along the street, reduced lanes of traffic, and a mini-street of sorts, just for bicyclists.

The project would connect the Jamaica North Trail in the West Haymarket with the Billy Wolff Trail in Antelope Valley.

"It's ideal.  If this was done, I could bike from my house on the other side of Lincoln to the Haymarket, without ever having to be on the street," Dr. Michael Germer said.

Dr. Germer is a pediatrician and avid cyclist.  He says, as a doctor, he sees a lot of benefits.

"It's way safer, it will keep people from mixing with pedestrians and with traffic."

The bikeway would include a median that separates traffic from cyclists.  Portions of that median would include vegetation.

Joe Gilpin with Alta Planning & Design says you can also expect to find different colors along the road.

"Wherever we have a driveway or an intersection, we're going to be utilizing that green color to let bicyclists know where they should be going, and let drivers know where bicyclists are going to be on the road."

Preliminary estimates have the project costing more than $1 million, but it still needs final approval from the Lincoln City Council.

If everything is streamlined, Gilpin says construction could be finished by next summer.