By: Lauren Fabrizi

A fresh fruit company, known as The Fruit Club, was in Lincoln Sunday selling produce. The company, widely known in South Dakota, wants to expand in neighboring states.

The Fruit Club prides itself in its fresh fruit, handpicked from family owned orchards instead of commercial ones. Cofounder Lynn Albers said cutting out the middleman is better because the fruit can be delivered faster, making it fresher.

"It's hard to find good quality fruit," Albers said. "It's just difficult.

Albers explained the Georgia peaches are completely fresh and pesticide free. Sunday's truckload was full of peaches, but the company delivers other fruit, depending on the season.

Many said the price was fair. A 10-pound bag costs $15.

"Very good, very fresh," Lieghann Pierce said. "I like it a lot.

"It's nice to know we're getting natural, healthy, non-pesticide fruit," Jane Booth added.

Albers said the company has gained popularity in its home state, but is looking to sell fresh fruit to its neighbors.

"We love coming out to Nebraska, we've had a huge response," Albers said.

The Fruit Club will be back in Lincoln in August with more peaches, and again in September with other fruit.