Posted By: Camila Orti

For law students, one of the worst things you can hear is that you failed the Bar exam.

Now imagine finding out you failed, after being told you passed. That's exactly what happened to a few Nebraska law students last week.

The Nebraska State Bar Commission says they reported incorrect exam scores to eleven students that took the July test. The mix-up was particularly impactful to six of those students. Three were told they failed but really passed, and the other three got even worse news- they thought they passed when they didn't. It's news current law students couldn't imagine getting.

"It's really terrifying," UNL law student Arman Zeljkovic said.

Second-year law student Shannon Schroeder says she really feels for those who initially thought they passed.

"Just so many hurdles that those students have gone through, and it would be very stressful," Schroeder said.

The Bar exam is the final hurdle to becoming a lawyer, something students spend months preparing for after graduation.

"You wake up in the morning, you study, you take a lunch break and then you keep studying," Zeljkovic said, "every day, five days a week."

State Bar Commission representatives said the scores they recorded were correct, they were just transcribed wrong into a spreadsheet, resulting in mismatched names and scores.

Chair of the commission, Patricia Freeman, told Channel 8 via phone that the error "is regrettable," and that this is the first time this has happened in Nebraska.

Shela Shanks, director of admissions, said "people can be confident in the integrity of the process."

Regardless, the mix-up has some law students concerned.

"I hope that... in the future, there's gonna be multiple safeguards as far as checking and double checking and triple checking," Zeljkovic said.

The State Bar Commission says they informed the affected individuals within 24 hours of discovering the problem. The good news is, all hope isn't lost for those who actually failed; you can retake the Bar exam.