Posted By: Marlenia Thornton

Chris St. Pierre has been on a quest to better Nebraska's bike traffic laws after his accident in March.

He was trying to cross an intersection near 14th and Superior on his bike when a driver didn't see him and hit him.

"It was pretty minor accident. My ankle was scraped up," Chris St. Pierre said.

This experience sparked his interest in bike safety, so the software engineer got to work.

He started collecting and analyzing lincoln police department accident reports over the past two and a half years.

"Then a lightbulb started dimly flickering, when if the accident reports are online, i can pull that data and see how much information there is," St. Pierre said.

St. Pierre later took the data, which he got from looking at more than 340 cases and put it on this website.

He researched factors like timing, injury rates and location.

One of the most shocking things he learned is that crosswalks are the most dangerous place for bikers, which is something he knows first hand.

"Seeing over 50 percent of bicycle car accidents happen in crosswalks sort of blew my mind," St. Pierre said.

53–year–old Larry Lienemann died about a month ago 10 days after he was hit by car on his bike trying to cross an intersection near 84th and Pinedale.

LPD says bike accidents in lincoln were actually down 5 percent last year compared to 2013 and nebraska has one of the lowest cyclist fatality rates in the nation.

St. Pierre was ticketed for failure to yield the right of way.

He hopes this project will encourage local lawmakers to change the laws and make the roads safer for cyclists.

"I hope when unicameral reconvenes next year that they'll be able to take this data and demonstrate the need for cyclist right of way in cross walks," St. Pierre said.

If you want to see Chris's findings, follow this link: