Posted By: Sarah Fili

Several people gathered outside the capitol Friday protesting the Nebraska School Activities Association's proposal for transgender athletes. It states that a student must have a years worth of hormone treatments before being eligible to play on a different gender team.

Bobbie Dyas organized the event. He's a female to male Trans man, who says the issue goes beyond sports, and the NSAA’s requirements are too much.

"It already takes almost a year to get onto the drugs after you've been meeting with a therapist for almost a year to make sure you're really trans. Then hormone treatments are really brutal to your body and to your brain and so forcing younger kids to decide that they want to transition is very unnecessary and most trans people don't physically transition or get on hormone therapy so if you're comfortable with it then you shouldn't be forced into something that you're not comfortable with,” Dyas said.

The hormone proposal is not the only one. There are two others -and they'll be voted on by districts next week. One will go by the gender on your birth certificate at the time of birth. The other will go by your birth certificate at the time, which can be amended by Nebraska’s statutes. The ACLU says changing a birth certificate could take years.

“So if the NSAA passes the policy as currently drafted we believe it will effectively prevent any trans students from participating in sports altogether,” Tyler Richard, with the ACLU, said.

Another concern is that some athletes may exploit the system if given the opportunity to play on a different team simply by saying they feel a different gender. The ACLU says over the past decade that has not been a problem in other parts of the country.

The NSAA will vote on the proposal later this month, but if the school districts approve either one of their proposals with a 3 of 6 vote, that will trump the NSAA’s proposal.