Posted by: Marlenia Thornton

Kimberly Arms Shirk was a familiar face on Channel 8 from the beginning.

She then continued her career reporting for a Des Moines station and that's when her life changed.

On September 3rd 1997, she was severely burned and almost killed after being shocked while she and coworker were setting up for a news live shot.

The live truck's mast was raised into electrical lines sending 13,000 volts.

"Both of us burst into flames and literally some teenage kids came running over, tore their shirts off and put the flames out on save our lives,” Author Kimberly Arms Shirk said.

Shirk had 3rd and 4th degree burns more than 12 percent of her body with most of the injuries to her head which made direct contact with the truck.

She doesn't remember much that day other than going out to help a co–worker on a busy news day.

She said she only knows the details from eyewitness accounts and news reports.

"There are a lot of tough memories come back for September 3rd for me. It's kind of my 9–11,” Shirk said.

She spent five years of recovering with nearly 30 surgeries.

Now, she's telling her story in a new book called Remote Fears & Silver Linings, which comes out this Saturday.

It will be 19th anniversary of the accident.

Shirk wants that this book will give people hope to get through  those unexpected rough times in life.

"When you get a second chance at life, what you hope is that you make every single day making a significant impact on someone else, so you can kind of pay back the gift you've been given,” Shirk said.

To find out more about the book, visit her website.