Posted By: Nicole Cousins

 Following the release of a 2005 video of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump making degrading comments toward women, several state leaders have withdrawn their endorsement of the candidate.

U.S. Senator Deb Fischer said, "The comments made by Mr. Trump were disgusting and totally unacceptable under any circumstance. It would be wise for him to step aside and allow Mike Pence to serve as our party's nominee." 

Republican Congressman Jeff Fortenberry released this statement: "As Americans we are faced with two strikingly bad choices: Donald Trump, who has abused women, and Hillary Clinton who has enabled the abuse of women. It's all wrong.  For my part, I ask that Donald Trump step aside and allow Mike Pence to become the Republican nominee."

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts said Trump's actions are offensive, but so far is not calling for his resignation. He released this statement Saturday: "Donald Trump's comments are not only reprehensible and offensive, but they are dangerous. His apology video was inadequate."

So far, Donald Trump says he has no intention of stepping down.