Posted By: Brent BonFleur

Allo Communications, a subsidiary of Lincoln-based Nelnet, opened a new retail location in Lincoln Thursday.

The company says it offers fast service for Internet, phones and TVs - with speeds up to one gigabyte per second.

The new retail space provides customers a chance to try out the services before deciding to buy.

"People can come in and try our products, talk to our people, evaluate what's the best for them," Allo President Brad Moline said.

Over the past 10 months, Allo has hired more than 200 people in Lincoln - and hopes to add even more by fall of 2017.

"Our employee base will be about 350–450 people, I would guess, by this time next year," Moline said.

"So we're growing rapidly. It takes a lot of people to support the huge demand we've received."

An added benefit of Allo's service is that it's provided through fiber-optic cable - which increases speed and functionality, especially during severe weather.

The city has been installing the cable since 2012, but it isn't available to all residents - something Allo wants to change.

"We aren't announcing exactly how fast we're going but I will tell you we're going as fast as we can," Moline said.

You can sign up for service or look for employment with the company on the website listed below.