Posted by: Marlenia Thornton

Hundreds packed into Gateway Mall Friday afternoon as Black Friday was in full swing.

Shoppers traveled all throughout the mall with bags in tow on the hunt for the best deals.

Many stores slashed a lot of their prices in half.

Several people enjoyed the savings at stores like Bath and Body works and JcPenney.

Some said it's a great way to get a jump start on holiday shopping.

"I like the all the deals. It's really great to get cheap Christmas presents and get a head start on all that and it really gets me into the season,” Shopper Heidi Bantz said.

The parking lot was flooded with cars even after Black Friday started yesterday.

Many stores opened Thanksgiving to let people get in on the bargains early.

There was a line wrapped around JcPenney Thursday.

Mall goers said the crowds weren't too bad later on in the day.

"I feel like the lines where we were went really smooth and went fast. I mean the stores have been full and have been busy, so I think it's been a good day,” Shopper Celena Mortimer said.

Some people said they use the day to bond with their family like Mary McCombs and her two grand daughters Bella and Annabelle.

McCombs said the girls have never been Black Friday shopping before, so she wants to make it a new tradition.

"It’s a great day. It's fun to spend with my granddaughters. It's been a blast,” Shopper Mary McCombs said.