Air conditioning: it’s something many of us rely on when that heat wave rolls in, and summer is the last time you want it to cut short.

Enter Jeremy Potter, a repairman for Star City Heating and Cooling.

He says in the summer months he responds to an average of five to seven calls a day.

"The whole industry is busy this time of year," Potter said. "Cooling systems are designed to cool your house to about 75 when its 95 out. So when you have these 100 and 100 plus temperatures it does really affect efficiency of equipment."

Often times the problem comes when a unit is clogged with dirt, dust and cotton from cottonwood trees.

"If the coils plugged up it will actually reduce the efficiency of the equipment," he said.

That's why year–round air conditioner maintenance is necessary.

Potter said clogged coils are easily avoidable: just a simple rinse, and the system is back up and running.

Of course, dirt and grime isn't always the problem.

You also want to make sure your AC unit fits the size of your house.

And if you ever have any doubts, call a repairman.